The Story Behind Entirely Leadership

Dear Leader,

My name is Steven Julien, founder of Entirely Leadership Guidance.  I’d love to share a synopsis of my life story with you, so that you feel comfortable in reaching out to me with questions while you thoroughly surf the site.

Steve Julian

Why Sharing is Caring

My dissatisfaction in life has always been around the necessity to know The Truth.  My holistic individual philosophy endures that without something to be dissatisfied with, we have no ‘raison d’être’.  I also define ‘dissatisfaction’ differently than not being happy.  My dissatisfaction brings a curious nature to all I observe and inquire about.  It’s what moves me forward in life…a pull feeling that urges change. 

When I was seven years old, I asked one of the most insightful questions imaginable. And it was unanswered until later in life.  The question was, “How am I 'Me', and you 'You', if we are all connected?” Although this may seem to be an indefinitely perplexing problem, it only took me 32 years to put a sufficient answer to it.  And even now, without having designed a human process model to visually understand it, I would still be ‘clueless’ as the innocent child I was.  But the model works, and if I’ve learned anything of value, WORKING is really all that matters!

My intent to share this resource-based site is with sincere hope that others like you can also answer your deep-seated question(s), or something similar, for yourSELF, as it relates to the individual process of being and becoming…an Original Wise Leader.

I was not able to find the answer to my so called 'spiritual' or life question in any formalized setting at any level of schooling I’ve previously attended, including college and university.  But I more recently reconciled my past to realize that the tools I’ve magically acquired in such learning institutions are exactly what I’ve needed to seek a decent answer to my sole/soul searching life question, and thereby allowing me to focus on providing some valuable life information for you here.  But this took some life experience to realize my holistic individual philosophy of the truth around my life's work: that the balance between the physical and non-physical planes of human life are equally important to understand when living the truthful life. We are simply here to fulfill our purpose (life's work). It is all we, as individuals and collectively, long for.

My dissatisfaction manifested into a different form later in life as I was exposed to various professional career positions where my presumed leaders were not leaders at all.  They were managers at best.  I soon came to realize that we do not manage people…we can only manage processes.  We lead people by first leading ourselves.  And this takes work.  In fact, it is the only work to take! This realization only became apparent when I stopped to observe my own behaviour and inquire as to why, despite heavy pockets, I was so unhappy with my work endeavours, and which seemed to pour into my personal relationships.

Developing and implementing processes and systems for continuous improvement in major organizations was my specialty, but what I quickly learned was missing was a WAY for people to feel cared for, so that any new processes for a sustainable healthy company were first innovated by the people; and second, so that they felt valuable in their respective role while making the entire organization better.  I also recognized that People are at the heart of every matter and that focusing on People processes was the TRUE way to success.  And not just at work, but at home and out in the social field. So I focused.


I continue to learn that, with my study and practice in engineering, management, leadership, and teaching, the simplicity of process is the key for effective learning.  We are always learning, even when we are sleeping, so we might as well make it effective and efficient!

I’ve also found that visual representations, especially diagrams (2-D) are most valuable for the process of efficient study.  We literally think in images.  If you quickly search ‘my fridge’ in your mind, you will pull up your fridge from the memory database and ‘see’ exactly what is in there – hopefully food?

Lastly, I found in my current leadership coaching practice, that involving the clients with real-time exercise is paramount.  I’ve considered these three learning processes effective ideas on this site.  With a step-by-step approach, the content and related diagrams are broken down into small bite-size pieces so that they can be grasped efficiently and effectively.  Like puzzle pieces, I organized the information to follow a sound human learning process as outlined above, so that you can hear, see, and feel your way through the material. This ensures that any reader at any stage of their life will have a higher propensity for individual success.

Without considering this way of presenting the information, I would risk losing an audience that is authentically looking for the guidance I have intended on providing. Page-by page, you will find very focused topics to describe the visual aspect of the topic at hand, with the intent that you ‘burn’ the images in your mind for the most effective individual, original USE value.

Outcomes from Learning the Information Herein

Fortunately, us human beings have the opportunity to overcome the many fears that seem to be presented from outside of ourselves, and must focus on understanding our Entire Self, in order to become natural leaders and be the example for others as was Originally intended.  It’s our reason for being here: To Develop the Self to Know the Self so that the world can benefit too! And we develop the Self by acquiring a holistic individual philosophy which naturally follows/leads a mature way of action… with curiosity, collaboration, respect, and compassion. 

My intention is to give you valuable personal and professional guidance by clearly explaining the PROCESS of life through the lens of a holistic perspective, highlighting how our individual process of being and becoming affects the whole environment, both in our work and social endeavours. Although there are unlimited methods for doing things, there are very few natural processes that are timeless and directly connected to the intent of our Original Wise Leader.  I created this site as part of my life's wok to impart these natural life principles universal to all human beings, so that you can discover your life's work too!

I really hope to be inspired by your story someday.



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