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Discovering the best way to build effective leadership skills is a difficult pursuit for most leaders because it entails a giant obstacle...the time factor, or lack thereof.  Today, there seems to be less and less time in the leadership world to focus on personal and professional growth, or at least putting time aside for its study and practice.  And although this seems to be the main problem, there is a deeper-rooted problem that we can put a finger on right now.  By identifying the key reason for failing to build effective leadership skills, you can immediately begin the planning process for succeeding at such a critical leadership endeavour.

Build Effective Leadership Skills

The Real Key Problem

The key problem when looking to build effective leadership skills is not a lack of time in a day, but the fact that developing the most effective leadership competencies involves an invisible process.  You can’t see it with your eyes, you can’t hear it with your ears, and you can’t really feel it with your hands. And there exists very little references for you to follow to deeply understand how this invisible and often mind-boggling process relates to your success.

Whether you believe this invisible truth now or not, you can surely learn to ‘feel’ this invisible process deep inside where it may seem intangibly dark and gloomy as though you were diving into the distant unknown. But you must believe that this invisible process is the main work you need to focus on in order to fulfill your natural role as the leader, just as you’ve always dreamed.

Our unique visual programs are designed to bring this invisible phenomena to a visible and tangible reality, for all aspects of developing leadership competence.  And there is only one commitment that we ask each of our participants to take most seriously…and it’s really not much of a commitment.  In fact, it doesn't even take up ‘time’ in your day because it must be done in each moment while you work away at your business endeavours.

Just One Commitment

The one commitment that MUST be adhered to when you decide to build effective leadership skills may seem like big and blurry one at first. But as you get a grasp of its necessity throughout your days this commitment becomes simple and straight forward, and the only thing you’ll want to spend time on:

The ONE unwavering commitment is…Get to know your Soul. 

Now you may be thinking “Geez what a load of crap.” And its quite understandable if this is a brand new concept to you.  However, the Soul is where Trust is felt, and trusting your Soul leads you to the Truth.  So it’s important to obey your Soul and start allowing it to coach you through life’s challenges.  It puts you in flow with all of life’s motions.  It’s your own internal guiding system, and if you listen for it, you will receive all the power you need to be the Original Wise Leader you’ve been striving for.  The neat thing is, you don’t have to strive for anything once you align with this inner Soul power and let it do all the work!

Just You and Your Environment

Because we are human, or more specifically spiritual beings in a physical space suit (body), there are some key points to remember.  The invisible Soul lies deep in the Self, so you must learn all the inner workings of your Self in order to build effective leadership skills.

And because your Self is in constant interaction with the outer environment, it’s necessary to learn about what you ‘feel’ out there in the social chaos while striving to work IN it too.  The interrelation between your Self and the environment you are surrounded by involves a natural process that you cannot get away from so as long as you are human.  Sorry.

So to recap…there are three important aspects of life to focus on:

  1. Get to know Your Self (where your soul lives)
  2. Get to know Your Environment
  3. Get to Know the inextricable link (communication flow) between the two

Of course, you may be wondering how to go about focusing on these three aspects of life while keeping in mind the one commitment discussed above.  Well, there are several ways to learn about your deep inner self and how you relate to your environment, but you can start right now by following a few steps to get moving in the right direction.

Follow These 3 Steps for Getting to Know Your Soul:

  1. Start Now. Get out a pen and paper each morning and take 10 minutes to plan how you want TO BE today, or now.  Think about how you will treat others, how each decision you make will feel gracefully wise.  See yourSelf engaging in meaningful conversations with each person you encounter.  Find three words to describe how you want TO BE today, and remember them to heart.  Repeat this each day.
  2. Listen to what your environment is telling you. Is your environment causing you stress?  Stress only affects you when you let the outside world affect your inside Self.  You can control the politics of these natural interactions by remembering how you want TO BE in step (1).  People, the weather, the news, the economy, are all part of the environment outside of your Self and so they are out of your control.  They may cause a rotten feeling inside you, but if you can notice this in time, you can change its direction on the spot. The only way to feel in control of the environment is to build effective leadership skills for personal and professional fulfillment.  It’s possible to function at a high speed while keeping relaxed.
  3. Proceed to Make Better Decisions. When you feel angst, frustration, fear, worry, or any other negative feelings, remember step (2), and change the direction of this negative energy.  Realize that this energy is not yours and that you can still CHOOSE to channel goodness from the deep power source inside.  Not taking things personally is quite hard to do, but if you can stop your Self in the moment from reacting with this harmful energy, you can proceed in a way that demonstrates virtues of a true leader. By this process, you will soon realize your leadership role in life and how it relates to your environment.

Continuously Build Effective Leadership Skills

By following the 3 steps above, you will be adhering to nature’s way of progressive life. By continuously practicing even for the smallest encounters and situations, you will soon begin to feel the profound effects and your days will look less gloomy and more brilliant, even on those rainy days that used to make you want to stay home curl up in a ball wishing you could sleep forever.

The more in depth options for focusing on becoming an Original Wise Leader and to build effective leadership skills is by getting to know your Self through our custom OWL programs. You will learn to take the aspects of natural life mentioned above and build momentum for overcoming the stagnancy that fear brings at times of difficulty at work and in your personal life.  You will build effective leadership skills by recognizing the interplay between your Self and the environment in which we all live together. 

By learning how this inextricable life process works, you will quickly be on your way to being the Original Wise Leader you’ve been looking TO BE all these years.  And your normal TO DO list will be the second priority for the rest of your life!  Oh, and one more thing to remember when the ‘time crutch’ comes to mind…Real Time is interdimensional and of the mind, not clock-based like you’ve been hoaxed to believe as true.


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