Executive Coaching Services for Your Entire Team

Many leaders these days are in search of Executive Coaching Services that they can rely on. Services that offer efficiency, efficacy, program customization, and ongoing support.

Executive Coaching Services for Your Entire Team

To have this quality of service requires a very important balance between creativity and structure, which inspires a few key questions to be answered for a clearer understanding of these implications:

(1)  What is Executive Coaching?

(2)  How does the Service work?

(3)  Why is this service beneficial to me and my organization?

Executive Coaching Services Tailored to You

Many leaders get confused by the terms ‘consultant’ and ‘coach’.  Let me clear this up for you.  A consultant offers solutions to your problems, and a coach helps you recognize the solution to your problem.  A consultant implements specialized tools to help you get the job done, whereas a coach is mainly the tool to help you get the job done.  One important thing to consider is whether you would prefer one or the other…or a nice blend of the two. 

We believe that the unique combination of the two is most ideal for the leader and their organization in order to have the invaluable balance between providing effective tools that promote continuous learning and improvement as well as the guidance necessary to ensure that these tools are being utilized according to the needs of the organization.  This approach involves ongoing support as the people processes and systems are being implemented and sustained effectively. 

So it may be fair well to consider seeking a ‘consulting coach’ who also has the ability to help you create and implement the appropriate processes and systems needed for your organizational success, while ensuring a robust structure for which the customized endeavour is contained.

The Process of Working with an Executive Coach

There are many ways that executive coaching services can be agreed upon. Typically once you decide to call in for executive coaching services, they will gladly come to your establishment to meet you and the rest of the core executive leadership team.  They will get an understanding of you key issues and needs.  They will assess your current situation, and perhaps do some investigating into the cultural ‘feel’ of the organization. A quality coach will ask a LOT of questions pertaining to your needs. They will not have all the answers for you, especially before understanding your current situation with utmost clarity.

If you’d like to move forward with a longer-term service, you will then work on a strategic plan together and form special teams to get buy-in and engagement from the entire team, right out of the gates. The goals will be clear to everyone and communication will flow in and out and all about.  This is a key goal for any executive coach: Facilitate a culture that builds trust, and this involves clear and consistent communication in all directions.  There are many other specific steps that can occur through the process of engaging in executive coaching services, however, the key is to ensure that a two-way commitment and signed agreement is clear and most importantly, feels right, before moving into the deeper stuff.

Benefits of Having Effective Guidance

It’s sometimes lonely at the top.  It’s nice to feel powerful and all, but is that power being utilized in the best way possible for the business and the people involved?  If the answer is no, it might be time to hire a guide. Someone who understands your personal and professional needs, which is often hard to get from your crew, let alone your family. Having an ‘outside side-kick’ help you with the inside will also give you a perspective most leaders don’t ever get.  It’s often hard to stop the fire-fighting on the front lines to get an outside perspective of what’s really going on. 

Quality executive coaching services will allow you to step outside to see what needs to be worked on inside…and that includes your Self and you business.  One of the key factors to consider is the experience your coach has regarding processes, systems, leadership challenges, specific tools that never fail to work in business. But most importantly, does this person live the high character approach that is needed to help you with your trickiest business challenges?  Specifically, your coach will act with respect, integrity, compassion, and confidence in all interactions between you, your team, and the rest of the organization.  Ultimately, trust in oneself inspires the ability to give the high value needed for everyone’s success.  Do you trust yourself to trust others?

If your business results have flatlined or even declined and you really don’t know how to fix it, executive coaching services can offer you the tools and information you need to turn your results around.  It may be due to high turn-over, frustrated employees, or even just a little disconnect from the vision/mission and the values that, with a little TLC, can re-ignite the purpose of your business. But this can all be assessed and rectified with the aid of a personal and professional who understands how to help you get your needs met.


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