Executive Leadership Training for Your Team

Are you thinking about whether to provide executive leadership training for your team? If so, there are some key ideas to think deeply about before putting the appropriate development strategy in place.

Executive Leadership Training for Your Team

Ask These Questions

No matter what things may seem on the results scorecard, there is always a cause to such effects.  And most of the time the cause is related to the dynamics of the people who make up the business, including the key visionary who started the business in the first place. Is that you?

To ensure you are ready to make the dive into the pool of executive leadership training for you and your team, there three questions to contemplate when making sustainable strategic changes for a healthier business culture:

(1)  Why do you exist as a company?

(2)  How will people training contribute to the why?

(3)  What will be the effect of implementing the training?

Why Your Business Exists

One of the most obvious yet forgettable factors in growing any successful business is to ALWAYS keep in mind why the business got up and running in the first place, and tie all inside and outward efforts to it.  Not only do you want to keep this mind as an owner, which might actually be easy for you, but it must always be at the forefront of everything that is done across all departments and all entities of the business. And because people do everything that makes a business a business, they can be considered The Business, and therefore they must be continuously aligned with the vision and mission of the business.  This connection must be at the forefront of all communication throughout the entire workforce, and it starts with the core executive leadership team.  You are at the center of the Why, and all actions must consider this Why as the power source potential that allows infinite growth opportunity.

How Training Your Team Will Affect the Why

Executive leadership training for your team is not an optional endeavour that ‘may’ add value to the top line, as often viewed by the masses.  It is of primary importance to the core of the company.  This is hard for many leaders to imagine true, since most traditional training courses offer a limited box of tools that don’t necessarily get used in a way that allows their people to grow.  They are not focused on people processes catering to people characteristics like emotions, competence, and trust.

Focusing on the people ensures that the bloodline of your organization is rich and nutrient dense as to satisfy the tissues that maintain the company structure. This means that to keep the Why in mind requires a deep dive into understanding what allows people to thrive in the position they fill.  It means working on strengthening the connection between the company vision/mission and the individual’s vision/mission which directly contributes to the whole of the organization.   This is where common values become important for a strong culture and authentic organizational effectiveness.

The Effect of Implementing Executive Leadership Training

If you were to consider that all efforts that make a company valuable is based primarily on the people within the company and how they behave among the rest of the group, you’d be well on your way to competently building a solid growth strategy.  This is a fairly new perspective of thinking in the business world, so it’s often overlooked as they key driver of sustained growth and continuous improvement mentality.  And providing executive leadership training for your team is exactly what this entails.  A trusted business executing sustainable results…all because the people are taken care of with the right people processes and valuable training to support the bottom line and grow the top line.

It is important, however, to find a program that includes people processes and systems and not just skills training on business processes and systems.  The people stuff comes first.  The program must be customized to your organizational needs. Your organization must be appropriately assessed in order to plan and implement the best strategy. There must be many inquiries and team member involvement in the process. And of course it must be efficient at delivering results.  But remember, everything of highest value takes the longest time to grow sustainably. Rome was not built in…you know...a minute?


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