Leadership Assessment Tools to Know Your Strengths and Challenges

There’s an abundance of leadership assessment tools that identify and classify personality styles and what style of leader you are, however, there are very little tools to understand a more important factor for success: Your Individual Character.  The difference between Personality style and Character maturity is often misunderstood, but it’s very important to understand their differences for implementing the most effective strategic plan for sustainable results.

Leadership Assessment Tools to Know Your Strengths and Challenges

Assessing Your Strengths and Weaknesses for Character

Many organizations will assess their strengths and weaknesses through feasibility assessments geared towards understanding outward-focused project viability.  These assessment tools rarely take into consideration the main driver of any business…the people.  A ‘people’ issue might be identified, but trying to understand the people dynamics that make a business a successful business is often misunderstood and therefore overlooked.

It is crucial to KNOW yourself and your people, what drives them to want to succeed at work everyday, and how to help them do so when their motivation is intermittent at best. This gap can happen so quickly that you may not notice until it becomes the central problem to your business. Most staff members won’t speak up about it, or may even gossip to others instead.  The solution to this often hidden problem starts with you and your leadership team. It is important to develop a High Character.

Using leadership assessment tools can help your team develop and mature their character which will directly contribute to massive gains for each individual, the whole team, and the customers on the outside.  It will attract new business like no other initiative. Continue to market your products all you want, but learning about your team and how to grow their ‘inner’ competencies will attract even the least expected new customer. 

Leadership assessment tools are designed to help you identify strengths and weaknesses of your team so that you can re-ignite the spark by connecting your team directly to the purpose of your business. This involves having sincere conversations with your employees about their concerns and, as a team, how you might be able to deal with their challenges as effectively as possible. Beware that their concerns may very well involve you.

How Leadership Assessment Tools Benefit Your Organization

One of the most important processes for any business leader is planning.  Coming up with short and long term strategies and how to execute them is one of the biggest challenges most organizations face. It is very time consuming, yet without it there can be no real growth. This is where leadership assessment tools can help expedite this process to understand where the main priorities are.

If you have leaders and team members who feel they can trust you because they are in turn trusted by you, the ideas for growth never cease to flow.  And if there is a commitment to plan and execute all great ideas when they come up as important, your employees will be more than happy to assist.  But this enthusiasm will only come to fruition when the leadership team is leading with high character.

When your team is equipped with the personal tools to do a professional job, the people performance process becomes easy.  People performance planning is certainly the most complex and crucial planning of any business, and it too is often overlooked as being essential.  Get the numbers, get the numbers…this only works for a short while, until the entire team becomes tired of the ‘go getter’ mentality.  Instead, you want to cultivate a ‘go giver’ mindset based on high quality service.  Assessing your leaders and the teams who make this great service possible will be of utmost importance for sustainable growth.

The Best Way to Identify Company Needs

It’s now clear that the Way your team members do things at the office and in the field is paramount to your success.  In order to do things well, they must have an opportunity to develop their inner self, thus bringing out a mature character.  In order to assess where each team member is at, regular people performance planning is necessary.  Successful people performance planning includes the following key areas of focus:

  1. Involving various team members in the process as each individual makes up a key part of the whole organization, no matter where you think they are on the old ladder;
  2. Allowing transparent communication that is well organized and effective;
  3. Continuous feedback and coaching for personal and professional growth;
  4. Performing ongoing culture assessments through team-developed scorecards that are relevant to their individual roles as well as to your company’s mission.

Leadership assessment tools will help you put the right systems in place for a continuous improvement culture by identifying where you want to start focusing your plans for the future you envision to become reality.  And it all starts with knowing your leadership team and how their leadership competencies contribute to a positive direction for the entire organization.


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