Leadership Skill Development for Leading Your Legacy

We often picture leadership skill development as a mandatory hotel conference room deal or an in-house exercise that is hardly valuable for performing the real work.  I beg to differ.

Leadership Skill Development for Leading Your Legacy

Clarifying Your Purpose of Pursuit

The first and foremost important  aspect of leadership skill development to consider is WHY you are being exposed to it in the first place. Is it being forced onto you by higher powers, or are you sincerely looking to make some big bold changes to your business culture for sustainable growth and results?

If you feel you are somehow being ‘forced’ into doing it, think again.  There is a purpose for every situation you are faced with in life…you just have to recognize it as so.  Contemplate how such an education, whether presented in a dry boardroom setting or out in the wilderness like we do at Entirely, can really activate your potential as an authentic leader.  It’s up to you to make the best of any  situation that your limited belief system has conjured up as boring and lame.  It is only as boring and annoying as you can see it.

If you are sincerely looking for effective leadership skill development, you are already much further aware than most executive leaders.  Knowing that you are in need of further assistance for communicating effectively, living up to the company values printed on the wall, or even further understanding how our people are the energy facilitating all potential growth, is the biggest step in the process of building further competence as an Original Wise Leader.

Understanding the deep-seeded reason why you are pursuing the most valuable competency-building study possible is absolutely imperative for moving forward in the right direction.

Leadership Skill Development Will Activate Everyone’s Potential

No matter what you’ve decided is true about leadership skill development, its learnings can reflect positively on everyone you surround yourself with.  Even if you were to learn just one key lesson in a weekend course, and apply it in your dealings with others, you are well on your way. 

You see, we tend to want everything right away.  That’s because of the environment we were raised in, at that time in history.  We’ve been conditioned to run on a tight schedule, hurry, and therefore expect things to happen so fast.  We feel the need to know everything, so we worry that we might miss something.

Luckily that is not how life works. In fact, it’s quite the opposite  and the reason why we say ‘patience is a virtue’. Life wouldn’t be possible if we rushed through to death.  You are given the exact tools you need at every moment in life to perform exactly what you need right then.  It may be a lesson or you may recognize the value being presented and apply it to your situation in a way that positively impacts everyone.  We often tend to rush our days away and wonder where the fun time went, and make excuses to others about being busy or the like. But time is always here for you, so as long as you take that time to contemplate how you value yourself and how it may affect serving others. 

This is what authentic leadership skill development is all about: Giving value to others because you have gained some creative ideas while focusing on giving the value received by taking on leadership skill development as a life purpose  Consequently, you develop a personal philosophy that garners competence and trust.

Learning in the Right Environment

Deep down, all managers and leaders want to feel vital and important.  Not to mention every human being on the planet.  In order to execute this mission, its important to consider some key actions for moving forward with a leadership skill development attitude:

 (1)  Learn wherever you are. No matter what environment you are exposed to, take advantage of every moment.  That is the inalienable right you have as a human.  You never stop learning, so you might as well go as deep as possible.

 (2)  Actively listen to what is being offered. Find value in the slightest things you would normally consider useless.  Value is everywhere, all the time. This requires dropping all previous thoughts and paying strict attention to what is being presented to your face.

 (3)  Ask the WHY question.  Ask yourself why you are in that present situation.  Ask others questions that will help you realize why you are in that present situation.  Open-ended questions bring a plethora of valuable information for you to make wiser decisions, like an Original Wise Leader.

Interestingly enough, by simply performing these actions above, you will already be developing the competencies you need to lead your legacy as an effective executive leader, regardless of the material presented in the leadership development skill course you are considering. Remember, there is value in all things, so as long as your mind can see through the surface stuff and realize this truth.

Live Entirely,

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